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TOPIC: Confusing "Loan Words"
petina (Admin)
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Confusing "Loan Words" 6 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: -583  
I was talking to some other Pommy expats recently about the growing number of "loan words" being added to the Japanese vocab.
We agreed that many of them confused the jeepers out of us the first time we heard many of them..
(Why they have to mangle up their lovely Japanese language with that rubbish is beyond me... )

Anyway... here are some to get a list started...

su-ma-to = slim
te-ma = theme (topic, really)
tai-pu = type
mo-nin-gu = breakfast
sa-bi-su = free/complimentary
wa-nu pi-su = dress
mai = my (but really it means "one's own..." )
sai-n = sign (but really it means "write your name so we can read it" )
amerikanudogu = battered sausage on a stick
baiku = motor bike (not bicycle)
bebika = baby car = stroller
chiketto = ticket
ero = erotic
faito = fight = try hard (like the Old Dude's video )
tenshon = tension (but they use it like "energy" or "energetic" )
rirakusu = relax

OK, that is my contribution anyone else?
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